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Davis Demographics joins the EH&A/MGT Family!

Since 1993, Davis Demographics has been partnering with districts to successfully respond to a variety of planning challenges and effectively address ongoing demographic changes. Their demographers and planners are experts in the field and, along with the other experts at EH&A/MGT, they will continue to be committed to serving public education by developing successful planning…

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COLA increase is not enough to cover actual costs of increased pension rates

School Services Q & A shows alarming data that COLA increases don’t equal the actual costs associated with the pension increases slated for 22-23. Q. Since the statutory COLA is 6.56%, the new budget increase should be more than enough of a percentage increase to pay rising employer contributions and that any additional base grant…

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New case highlights interplay between special education and sexual harassment laws

A recent U.S. District Court decision out of Washington State provides clarification regarding how school districts are to apply their sexual harassment policies and analyze conduct as it relates to students with disabilities. Specifically, the decision in Berg v. Bethel School District (W.D. Wash., Mar. 16, 2022, No. 3:18-CV-5345-BHS) clarifies that a school district is…

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